What Every Entrepreneur & Business Can Learn From The Characters of Ramayana
Ramayan Learning for entrepreneur or business

What Every Entrepreneur & Business Can Learn From The Characters of Ramayana

There are many similarities between a great legend and a business. For the success of both, the depiction of people and their roles are of enormous significance. For a legend, the characters and their journey, and for a company, the employees and their dedication toward the company, have the capability to make or break the entire story. 

One such legend from which entrepreneurs can learn a great deal is Ramanyana. Classic Hindu mythology, Ramayana is considered sacred in India. However, beyond religious morals, there are many other lessons that this story imparts. With complex characters who face common startup dilemmas, along with the rise and fall of empires, Ramayana is nothing short of an entrepreneur guide. 

Ramayan Learning

In this article, we will look at certain vital characters of this legend and what lessons entrepreneurs can get from them. 


Essentially, the ‘hero’ of the plot, Ram portrays some great leadership and management skills that are applicable to every entrepreneur, regardless of the niche they work in. As an entrepreneur, you’re bound to face difficult situations and challenges on a daily basis. The COVID-19 pandemic is a classic situation, wherein entrepreneurs are faced with the biggest challenge ever, with even the most influential economies crumbling. So, what must one do in such situations? Ram, too, faced similar situations where he was helpless due to external factors. But, instead of making rash decisions, he chose to stay calm and analyze the situation before setting out a plan of action. With the help of his knowledge and backed by his army of people dedicated to him as his mission, he was able to overcome all challenges and emerge victoriously.

In a nutshell, Ram shows us that as an entrepreneur, you need to stay focused on your ultimate goal and not let any distractions come in the way.


Misfortune is the best fortune. Rejection by all is victory – Valmiki



It is always assumed that energy and passion are great, but too much of anything is not good. Often, we get so excited or energetic about certain things; we forget to take a breath and analyze the situation. For example, while launching a company, an entrepreneur might be so passionate, they run in one direction at full speed, without realizing their competitors and users have changed the entire game. Similarly, Laxman too was very energetic and passionate. He wanted to prove to his elder brother, Ram, that he is capable of taking on any responsibilities. Similarly, when his brother asked him to stay and protect Sita, he was distracted easily by Ravana’s plot and went against his brother. There is no debate that Laxman’s energy and passion towards Ram’s mission have helped Ram in dire situations. However, just energy will not lead to success.

Energy, combined with a calm and rational mind is the recipe to success, for Laxman and every entrepreneur as well. Additionally, you must pay heed to what people advise, especially those who have more experience in the industry. 


The two things that Sita is most popular for is her loyalty for Ram and her undying faith in him. Very often, entrepreneurs get distracted and lose focus on their core service or product. While expanding a business is important, you must never let the quality of your main revenue generator drop. Similarly, Sita remained loyal to Ram till the very end, no matter what situation she had to face. Another thing to learn from Sita is her patience and faith. If you have done proper market research and have proof of the concept that there is a demand for your product, you need to have faith that it will work out. Every business faces challenges and a dry spell, where revenue is down.

But, it is at these times where you need to have faith in your product and service and do everything you can to ensure you brave the storm and emerge successfully. 


There is a very popular saying, “the destruction of an egoistic person is often their own ego.” For entrepreneurs, there is nothing more true than this quote. And, a great example of this is Ravana himself. A great leader, filled with skill and talent. If he decided to focus on his empire, he could have been the greatest king of all time. But, his ego got the better of him, and that’s when he dug his own grave. He was so lost in his ego; he didn’t realize that he lost his empire and even his own people, like his brother, turned against him. Similarly, when entrepreneurs get some success, they are inclined to get egoistic. Due to this ego, they stop listening to the people around them and stop being cautious of their actions. This leads to rash or reckless decisions without analyzing the market or measuring the results.

Hence, staying humble, even when you’re at the epitome of your success, is very important for every person who aims to build an empire of their own. 


It is often said that a person is recognized by the company they keep. This is primarily because good people will always wish for your well-being and pull you up in tough times. On the other hand, people with negative intentions will always be jealous of your success and will try to distract you from your goal. Hanuman is a prime example of this. By surrounding himself with strong and good individuals like Jambavanth, he was able to unleash his true potential and wreak havoc in the time of need. Another great lesson that entrepreneurs can learn from Hanuman is his unshakable devotion to his cause, the well-being of Ram. He discarded everything that seemed valuable and focused on those things that actually added value to his mission.

Similarly, you need to cast aside anything that doesn’t add value to your business, no matter how lucrative or attractive it may seem. 

There are many debates about the authenticity of Ramayana and certain questionable morals and beliefs; however, religious or not, every individual agrees that there are some valuable lessons that this epic imparts. As an entrepreneur, you must try to find valuable lessons everywhere, be it from your competition, or from a book about the most legendary battle every. After all, ensuring your business is a success is nothing short of a battle. 

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