10 Tips To Create The Perfect Investor Pitch Deck
Investor Pitch Deck

10 Tips To Create The Perfect Investor Pitch Deck

Are you striving with your small company to build a power-packed pitch? How do you make a power-packed proposal to improve your startup marketing activities and support you optimize your return on investments (ROI) for the right purpose? 

A strong pitch deck is among the few key tactics that can drive your startup company to a whole new height. If you do not know what a pitch deck is, however, let us discuss it before going further down. 

Investor Pitch Deck

What is a Pitch Deck?

You’ll need to apply the correct elements to the presentation and PowerPoint models in order to attract and keep their attention to your pitch sheet. 

Basically, to win your investors’ financial favours, you’ll still have to respond to their suggestions. Therefore, let us assume a successful power-packed pitch deck’s do’s and don’ts.

Pitch Deck Do’s
  • The idea that people want to listen to exciting storeys is common knowledge. As a consequence, share breathtaking tales about your startup company that will motivate and drive your listeners to motion. Because the aim is to draw investors to the startup, the narrative must be compelling. 
  • In every business, the first impression matters a lot. It has a powerful impact. Therefore, within the first five minutes, make sure that a positive effect is created. 
  • In terms of the material style and the colours of each slide, strive to preserve continuity across the presentation. 
  • Using a tale to create an enticing role for your business and role it as a significant investor match. 
  • To beef the presentation pitch, use metrics and other relevant statistics. That implies you must have absolute knowledge of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for marketing.
Pitch Deck Don’ts
  • Eye contact is a vital commodity, but don’t read word for word from your document as it would make you lose eye contact and depreciate your performance. 
  • A summary of a power-packed pitch varies from an essay or blog post in which you can have many more bullets and numbered points as you like. Do not use multiple bullet points in the content. The effect of your pitch will degrade it. 
  • Must not prolong the frames. Average pitch for an entrepreneur: 38 slides. The typical attention span of venture capital (VC): 10 slides. 
  • Do not come in unprepared to make your pitch. Anticipate and plan to answer the kinds of questions they may ask. 
  • Don’t use massive text blocks. Your job is to sell to them and not to train your buyers. Using attractive graphics, as a result, to get at their feelings and encourage them at the act. 

Now that we have discussed the do’s and don’ts, let’s figure out the best ideas for your startup to build a power-packed pitch. Here are a few fundamental points for securing your pitch: a foolproof marketing tool. 

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Tips On How To Make A Great Pitch Deck

1. Use Speaker Notes 

Usually, it can be a nerve-wracking adventure to meet a vast audience. If that happens, explaining what you see systematically becomes complicated. Use a script or presenter notice along with your PowerPoint slides to do battle with this issue. As well as reducing the overflow of information through other falls, it may further minimize duplication. 

2. Focus on The Message 

You must get your message through loudly and clearly after you have established your chief investors and the ones you want to invest in your company. Preferably, after the introduction, the focal message of the opening can be a one-sentence takeaway that the clients will hold in mind. 

The two key things that your emphasis message should highlight are the challenges facing your consumers and how your product can address that challenge.

3. Properly Present Your Information 

You need your customers to view your startup business in a good light, and you will need to bundle your data in the right way to do so Investors want to know precise descriptions about the company’s prospects and skills, including: 

  • Opportunities and business growth 
  • Business Model
  • Proprietary means and knowledge 
  • Markets that are successful
  • What new steps will you add to the table? 
  • Capabilities for teams
  • The favourite approach for marketing
  • The total of funds that would be needed for your purpose
  • The sum that your backers would like you to contribute
  • This and others are details that must be provided by you
4. Let Them Believe You  

The main reason for your pitch is to make your audience and customers trust in you and your plans for your business. For this cause, during the process of your presentation, you would have to build credibility in three separate ways. 

  • On the title slide, you’ll see the awards badges, and critics and investors’ endorsements. 
  • You’ll be showing customer logos at the halfway point. 
  • You should display testimonials about what the media is reporting about you and your company at the end of your presentation. 
5. Optimize The Information 

It’s possible that the crowd would lose interest in a matter of seconds if the presentation is too detailed and confusing. If there are many mathematical tables, people will be too busy looking at the numbers in their brains, and your voice or your audio would not be able to pay any constructive attention. 

An illustration of this, it is better to use quick charts that clearly show the numbers for a better conclusion.

6. Add An Emotional Touch To The Presentation 

For the presentation, statistics are critical, that is for sure. But to create an emotional bond with your audience, you should also develop a narrative to go along with your startup pitch. The argument should be capable of putting the consumer in the client’s shoes. 

You can use narrative techniques, videos, and soft music to achieve that. Your prerogative should be to let your investor feel the consumer’s challenges and travails, and also the comfort your consumers will feel after launching your product.

7. Get Directly to The Point 

Storytelling is essential, but if you hold it on for too long, then you can miss the whole point of your pitch. Subsequently, in the first few of your slides, make your case concisely and transparently, and state your intent. Often, note that clients have to listen to 2-3 pitch meetings in a day usually, so you won’t hold a lot of opportunities to discuss your solution. 

Use your precious time wisely to make sure the case is completed.

8. Include And Interact With Members Of The Team 

It would be smart to have any of them along for a meeting if you have a lot of members of your squad because coordination has immense potential. Investors like teams, and at the pitch meeting themselves, this would also encourage you to highlight your CEO or leadership ability. 

If investors think that you are responsive and robust enough as a leader to manage your team members successfully, this will attract them enough to invest in your venture.

9. For More Focus, Trust, And Reputation, Add A Case Study 

If you have clients who have already used your commodity, a new portal will open up for you to share your storey. Reach out to them for feedback that you can use for the introduction of a power-packed pitch as just a research study. Their testimonials would also illustrate that there is explicit confirmation that the product is working. This links the item to the individuals who use it and the reasons that it works for them. 

The case study also works wonderfully to build trust and prestige, thereby providing an added edge to the pitch.

10. Emphasis on Aesthetics 

In deciding the victory of every pitch, the concept of a presentation plays a critical role. When you build your pitch sheet, the display is what the clients will see. The most suitable design will reinforce your pitch’s message and will help you to get closer to having the investment you need. 

Regular compliance is what makes the mark and the personal brand name secure for venture capital (VCs). The photographs used should be important to the subject matter and must not be protected by copyright. A strong concept can also creatively say the storey and often bring an emotional dimension to the presentation as a whole.


We also outlined the 10 effective measures for your startup business to build a power-packed presentation. Such tips, though, are not all there are, but incorporating them will set you up for a good pitch and startup strategy in your presentation processes. 

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