The Importance of Video For Branding
Importance of Video branding | The Money Gig

The Importance of Video For Branding

A company’s branding is a commitment to customers that a product or service will be presented with the highest professionalism. It’s not only about proving that you are a worthy opponent. Instead, it is more about telling your customers that you are the unique company out there that will take responsibility for their wishes and needs. 

Importance of Video branding | The Money Gig

Branding is all about building a customer base. To develop this base, a company requires to build a relationship of confidence with the public. People are attracted to brands that are trustworthy and ethical. In this age and time, media is everywhere, and it takes genuine commitment with an audience to get notified. When it comes to promoting your brand, video marketing is one of the most productive tools.

Why Video?

Video is a varied and appealing content form that not just gives us a real-life representation of what is going on; it’s also simple to distribute across various platforms. Customers like it because it’s comfortable to digest, exciting and engaging, and marketers like it because it can provide a possibly huge gain on investment (ROI) via several channels.

Video is additionally very convenient to anyone with internet access, both to see and to create. While there is undoubtedly a trend towards better quality video on an expert level, anyone can leap onto their laptop and design their video in less than an hour.

5 Stats that Prove Marketers Require Video

  • 97% of marketers insist that videos help consumers understand products. 
  • Additionally, 80% of any traffic will consist of video by 2021. 
  • 81 % of companies are currently using video for marketing. 
  • Live video will account for 13 % of traffic by 2021. 
  • 90% of customers say that a video will assist them in making a purchasing choice. 

Types of Video

There are lots of various kinds of videos out there, and part of designing an efficient content marketing approach is having a substantial understanding of your idea before you sit down and produce the video (or any other kind of content, for that matter). 

To that end, you need to make sure both the type of the video and the channel plan (if you are posting on social) fit the idea of the video itself.

Here’s a breakdown of where you can be using different types of videos.

Explainer Videos

Explainers can further educate people regarding your product and can be utilized in association with instructions, consumer service activities, and an entirely separate range of applications.

Interview Videos

Interviews can assist in boosting communication between sides or showcasing a particular guest or influencer. If you are producing videos starring guest experts, for example, you can also re-use the audio and market it as a podcast.

Review & Demo Videos

Product reviews and demo videos can be produced by brand ambassadors in replacement for free products. If you could see people in your industry viewing to promote their social following, this can be an excellent way of basically receiving free advertising. 

Executing this can further help you to obtain information regarding the product if the people making the video reviews have a lot of engagement and remarks. So in a way, it can work like market research.

Live Videos

Live video is the greatest opportunity to get up close and personal with your viewers, and it runs well on social channels in particular.

How Videos Can Leverage Your Brand 

Does Your Brand Show Your Personality?

Print and words can go so far in showcasing the actual personality of a brand. Interactive media is the most reliable way to build your brand’s message. People are generally social beings and react well to engagement. A video could get across several messages. Whether it be the nature of the brand, the character of its staff, the area of the business, or only to build a memory for the viewer. Creating video content will further spread these messages quicker.

Video marketing blends all the advantages of traditional media while providing a brand’s audience with a more pleasant message to view (and to share!). You could write about your company all you desire, but that means that possible customers will have to utilize their imagination. Viewing your product or service in motion will undoubtedly enhance their enthusiasm to review a company or brand further.

Is Your Brand Reaching Your Audience?

Including video creation into your social media approach is a surefire method to build a buzz with your supporters and spread recognition for your brand. Video content is additionally much more inclined to assist your updates land on your audience’s pages, over plain text statements. At the latest conference, Facebook administrators described how just an average of 16% of a company’s Facebook posts is viewed by their designated audience. Just 16%! That is a lot of people dropped out. Nevertheless, they further say that this percentage can increase with viewer engagement and communication.

So what has been defined as one of the most prosperous ways to captivate your audience? Yes, you guessed it: Video content.

Be Creative! Audiences Love Humour!

Most of the flourishing brands on the market have adopted the ability of creative video marketing. More precisely, they have developed their brand through clever and interesting visual content. The more unique and clever the clip is, the more possible a consumer is going to broadcast the word about that specific brand. 

This doesn’t imply that you have to go out and employ trained comedians either. Most of the videos that have gone online viral stalk from straightforward and relatable notions. Sometimes keeping your message grounded enables your customers to correlate with your brand more accessible. 

As in the end, branding is all about developing that relationship between the company and the customer. And one of the best approaches to reach these customers nowadays is via video marketing.

Increased Relatability & Trust

Nothing supports your audience to recognize and associate with your business than a firm brand video. A video sets a face to a name and lets an audience view the true nature of your company and offers. People like purchasing from people. If they have faith in you that hugely enhances their probability to buy from you.

Reach More Potential Customers Through Social

Video is one of the best-shared pieces of content on social media.* If your video is related to your viewers and resonates with them, they will distribute it with others who they believe it will be helpful for or to elicit a similar response. 

This gives your message the chance to retain more possible customers. Such organic targeting of people means your content will directly reach the correct people if it’s useful in its messaging.

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Communicate More Information In Less Time 

“Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times quicker than text. Consider the heavy lifting your cognitive system has to do when viewing an article vs seeing a video clip!” ~ Liraz Margalit PhD**

Video is a more submissive experience than seeing text; it’s much simpler for the audience to become involved in what you’re communicating to them. This happens in not just more information being carried but an emotional quality that’s near unlikely to meet in the written word.

Google Loves Video

Google is created to get the most appropriate information to the user; the more enlightening Google considers the information or content, the more likely it is going to set it further up the user’s search results. 

Also, Google owns YouTube – the second biggest search engine globally and since this purchase, Google algorithms massively prefer video content over text-based.

Start Leveraging Your Brand With Videos Today 

Not just does a reliable brand video act as a means to refine your message, it is also an assurance to all those possible customers out there about how you are joining them and that you are the answer they have been seeking for.

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