Military Living & Training Centres
Startup Business Idea - Military Training centre

Military Living & Training Centres

Startup Business Idea # 7  Living & Training Centres: The Path To Leading A Disciplined Lifestyle

With so many challenges in our everyday lives, it often gets exceptionally chaotic. While as adults, we are bogged down with excessive work, money issues and even relationship challenges, the children of our generation are not safe from the high levels of stress either. With new technology and advanced techniques, school life is harder than ever. Moreover, due to the increase in competition, children need to start focusing on getting their life together at a very early age.

All of this combined has made the world we live in extremely unhappy. The depression rate among people is off the charts, with over 264 million people of all ages suffering from it.

In such cases, the only thing that will help is seeking discipline. Our generation is overthinking, indulging in unhealthy habits and making wrong decisions. All of this leads to high levels of depression. Having some discipline in our lives will surely help. This brings us to our next million-dollar idea; military living and training centres.

The Market Potential

Whenever we hear about the military, the first thought that comes to our heads is composure and discipline. Even though they are battling for their lives every day, they are under no pressure and aren’t plagued with stress. The main cause of this is the lifestyle they lead and the way they have conditioned their minds to tackle challenges, in life and otherwise.

Did you know that the Israeli law compels all its citizens to undergo a military draft? The mandatory military training is generally for a period of 24 to 32 months, depending on the recruiter’s age, gender and profession. In connection to this, another fact is that Israel ranks 13th in the happiest country in the world, with a steady economy and minimal unemployment rate. These two facts have a correlation for sure; after all, a disciplined mind is a path to peace and progress.

While most of us admire soldiers and their lifestyles and always wish to undergo some sort of military training, even if we don’t want to join the force, very few get the opportunity to do so. This shows a gap in the market, wherein there is demand, but no supply.

The Gap

In most countries, the military is a separate nation of its own. Even when these brave soldiers aren’t manning the border, there is a lack of communication or interaction between military personnel and the citizens of the country.

Due to this, the values that a soldier has is never shared and implemented in our every day lives, even though it is desperately needed.

Moreover, a lot of children don’t even consider the military as an option, even if they are patriotic, simply because they don’t know much about the profession.

This brings us to a million-dollar idea that can not only bridge this prominent gap but can also bring the military and the citizens of a country together.

The Opportunity

People often assume that military training is all about shooting a gun or learning how to survive on the battlefield. While these activities are covered, a lot of military training is about basic things like how to lead a disciplined and full life. There are a lot of people all over the globe who can benefit from learning these principles and values to tackle their life problems.

The idea is to create a training centre that trained individuals on how to lead a lifestyle of a soldier. With the help of retired army personnel or trained coaches, various camps and workshops can be set-up, wherein people are trained about the concept of discipline and how it should be inculcated in our lifestyles.

This centre can be marketed as a productive holiday, wherein the entire family gets the opportunity to connect with themselves and with each other. After all, in the words of the great philosopher Jim Rohn, “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practised every day.” 

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