10 Manufacturing Business Ideas with High Potential in India
Manufacturing business ideas | The Money gig

10 Manufacturing Business Ideas with High Potential in India

There are a lot of factors that go into the making of one perfect business. At the same time, it requires the person to be patient and determined at the same time to crack the code.

There are plenty of good examples of how people who kick-started their business and at the same tone, there are thousands of businesses that ended in a month. The ratio of business success and failures depends upon the man behind the wheel. An experienced eye on the subject would help steer the ship in the right direction without causing any trouble.

Manufacturing business ideas | The Money gig

Before you start thinking about running a business of your own, you need all the codes that it takes to run a successful business. In this article, you are going to find all the important information that you will need to make that happen, and some of the ideas that can help you expand your original idea better. Or if you are struggling to start something new, then you can look at the best ideas to start the foundation of your business.

Everything always starts off small, it is the persistence of the business founder that keeps the business going through tough times.

MSME India

Many people may not know what MSME is? And what does it stand for? In short, MSME stands for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development. This act was signed back in 2006, which included government inclusion in small industries. So the small industries can get the investment they deserve to flourish the Indian economy. The Government can invest in the production, processing or preservation of goods, and various equipment that is needed to run the business perfectly.

When it comes to having a worldwide effect on the services. In Japan, 70% of the wage earner is dependent on the SME, and they contribute 55% of the value. In Thailand, THe SME employs 60.7% of the population while at the same time contributing 38% of the GDP. In China, it takes over 68% of the exports while the contribution combines both Europe and the US.

Atmanirbhar Bharat

As the coronavirus is sweeping the nation by storm, the government is giving its best to support the five pillars of India. The Atmanirbhar Bharat focuses on the five pillars.

  • Economy
  • Infrastructure
  • System
  • Demography
  • Demand

Atmanirbhar Bharat is a 20,000 lakh crore economic package to help out the five pillars of India mentioned above. This plan will include the economic relief for the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise sector that helps boost the economy of the whole country.

MSME also covers the migrant workforce, as the industrial system covers up to 11 crore working people. Along with MSME, Non-Banking Finance Companies will also get their fair share of the Atmanibhar Bharat.

10 Manufacturing Business ideas with high potential

Although on the bare surface the idea of starting a business will seem quite easy but most of the business is capital intensive. Then the key to coming up with a successful business plan only derives from a proper planning method behind a good idea. Once the planning part is clear, then you would waste less time struggling to keep the piece all together on a puzzle. If you are having trouble finding a perfect idea to start your venture into the market.

Then here are some of the best business ideas that can make you and your employees see the height of success in a small-time. The investment will differ from one industry to another, so will be the workforce behind every aspect of the institution.

Paper cup & Paper plate 

Here the work is machine-dependent, if you have a good machine in your hands you can make a profit in a small time. There are many success stories around starting a paper cup and paper play business. As the world turns its eye to leaving less carbon footprint in the world. The demand for paper cups and paper plates has been on the rise. That doesn’t mean you can start the business without doing a proper investigation.

If you want to start a paper cup and paper plate business in your area. First, you have to take your time to survey the people living in the neighborhood, their opinions would hold a lot of value to your company. As they would give you an average number on the demand aspect of the paper cup. So you can make the right estimate on the production of the paper cups. With a thorough reporting or analysis, you will find yourself nowhere in the market. The profit of the industry will depend on the demand for paper cups in your neighborhood.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Products 

Here comes another product that is very eco friendly. Bamboo products have been in demand since more and more people are starting to pay attention to Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. As the bamboo related products reduce 35% of the CO2 from the air, and it helps generate oxygen. You would be surprised to learn that over billions of people in the world are dependent on bamboo. The traditional use of Bamboo is no longer applies to the world that we live in now. Bamboo now helps the food industry, products such as bamboo wine, vinegar, pickle, tea, chutney, snacks, powders, and many more.

In India, the availability of Bamboos is large especially in states such as; Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland. Other states include Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Tripura, West Bengal. The harvesting life for bamboo is 3 -6 years.

Soap Manufacturing 

When it comes to the first moving consumer good, soap is considered as one of them. One of the frequently used products from children to old people. It is considered an essential element in hygiene, as soaps used by billions of people every single day. While the core elements stay the same, they are divided into various categories. They get used for personal use, veterinary use, and laundry use. When it comes to the number of people, the personal use of soap beats the other two. As more people use soap for personal use than on veterinary brand laundry purposes.

When it comes to investment, in the soap industry it is limited and minimal. The profit margin for the soap industry can be from 8 Lakh to 50 lakhs. It all depends on how the business gets managed every single day.

Health Equipment Products

From your local veterinarians to cardiologists, they all require supplies in order to do their jobs properly without any issues. The equipment has to be top-notch because the lives of many patients depend on the quality of the equipment. That is why you see large companies are making health equipment products to fulfill the market needs. You don’t have to invest a huge chunk of your time to start working in this medical field. That is why so many people opt out of providing medical supplies, as every health care facility needs a proper medical supply to run the day to day operations.

As the medical supply business is very large, you have to do plenty of research on exactly where you want to invest most of your time and money. Once you have figured out the position and the field, then the next step is to put your time in the planning, as this will eventually lead to the later stages of the business.

Mobile Accessories

Mobile wouldn’t even function properly without the accessories. It is no longer about the back cover on the phone, there are plenty of changes that have been to a smartphone. Users must have all the right tools to make their phone work at 100%. There are different varieties of tools available in the market. Each of the tools provides something new and unique to the phone. For example let’s take OTG cable, while it seems a small piece of wire. But you will be able to connect an HDD through the wire with your phone. You can view all the files from your HDD by this cable on your phone. That is mobile accessories play an important role in making the smartphone living up to the name.

Comfort Clothing

The undergarment industry has been booming. As more people start paying attention to their hygiene otherwise they have to deal with massive side effects later on their life. That’s why most people are paying hygiene products their high priority. Most people like to prefer to buy the innerwear online as opposed to getting it from offline. Just like any business in the world, here you need to invest some time in finding out which underwear appeals more to the people.  Many companies are doing their inner garment selling online. As more people frequent themselves on a trip, they are finding the online aspect of the shopping much faster and easier compared to the local store tradition.

If you are planning to start the business, make sure to focus on both sides. So you will succeed after creating a brand name.

Food Products

Almost everybody in the world likes snacks, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to consume a snack. There are billions of people eating snacks every single day, it is something you have between launch and dinner. The timing is unpredictable. That is why so many industries have capitalized on this market. If you want to create a snack product, then you have to check on the list of top-selling snacks at Amazon Pantry, asking people for their feedback on social media accounts. Only then you would have a much more clear idea of what people are expecting when they open a quick snack when they are hungry.

Incense Stick 

While it may not seem large but it is one of the most profitable choices people tend to go for in the market. As religion always will be the first priority to so many people, and religious festivals would add more value to this business. Now there is plenty of incense stick making companies, offering a variety of sticks by their smell to the lasting effect. Many of the companies are dependent on machines to make the sticks while the other relies on handmade by experienced workers.

But the use of the machine is crucial, especially if the product is demanding. Generally, as you would expect to make incense sticks are faster on the machine than handmade.  You can start the business by 3 machines minimum, which will cost you around 40,000 – 50,00 per month, or you can depend on the workforce on the workers based model.

Board Games

This is the right time to make board games, as more people find themselves being in their own room 24 /7. Board games are still popular amongst the newcomers and the people who spend a fair share of time in the games. While it may seem like it is a dying industry since there are many alternatives to gam board games, one of them is the smartphone. But there are people who still care about board games, if the game is good, then people would have no problem spending the money to get it. To start a business in this category, you need to do plenty of research on what games are currently in the market, and how any of them are well running as opposed to closing down in a month.

These are the data that you will need to make the game that perfectly fits what is trending on the market while bringing a new idea on the table. Again if the foundation is solid, then you would have nor problem selling the game to the people.

Festive Products

People always find time and ways to celebrate festivals by taking part in them. It all depends on the localization of the area, since there are many different cultures in the world, and many of them have their own unique way to show their true colors of the culture. Not all of them will be the same, but there are plenty of festival products that would be festive friendly, no matter what group of people is enjoying festivals. If a product gets used in different types of festivals from the culture of the east to the culture of the west. then the business model would experience a time of downside. As the demand would be at the same pace.

Although this type of model requires a perfect investigation of the products available in the market, especially the place where you want to start the shop. As the festive season goes through the year, there would be any shortage of demands from the people.

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Conclusion on Manufacturing business ideas

As the world is moving towards the future, you need to make the right decision to start a plan that will help you and your family in the future. Nothing would happen overnight. That is where many businesses fail. As they stop paying attention to the model and then start giving up on their dream projects. Here you have to pay close attention to all the things that are running high in the market, and the profits they are making. You need to spend most of your time planning the exact moves that you have to make to sustain the pressure from work while giving your 100%.

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