Interactive Governance Platform
Interactive Governance Platform - Business startup idea | The Money Gig

Interactive Governance Platform

Startup Business Idea # 4 – Interactive Governance Platform (Making Indians More Responsible)

Living in a democratic country means “for the people, by the people, and of the people.” This means that the government of a country has to work hand-in-hand with the people of the country. But, are the Indian government and the people of India working together to make India reach great heights of success? We believe not. 

Interactive Governance Platform - Business startup idea | The Money Gig

In this article, we will go over the issues faced by the government and the people due to lack of communication and how this poses as a million-dollar business idea. 

The Market Potential 

In the largest democracy in the world; India, the government, is chosen every five years. However, most people believe merely casting their votes once in these five years is enough. But, that’s far from the truth. Before we get into how people need to contribute more than just voting, let’s first look at how many people vote in the first place. In 2014, more than 830 million people were eligible to vote; however, only around 550 million citizens of India fulfilled this fundamental duty.  

Another shocking fact is that out of the voters who vote, a whopping 45% of voters decide whom to vote for just a day before the elections. That means that they cast their vote either on a whim or under the influence of someone else’s opinions. Then, when things don’t work according to them, or some nation-wide issues arise, they blame the government. This shows a clear gap between the people of India and the government, which is a big no-no for a democracy. 

The Gap 

India’s current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi once said, “People participation is the essence of good governance.” After all, only if the government receives regular feedback from people will they know what problems they need to solve. A study showed that more than half of the Indian population doesn’t even know the difference in the roles of the central and state governments. In a nutshell, the real issue when it comes to a civil society of any democracy is the lack of governance. 

The main gap between the people and the government is the lack of a platform that makes communication easier. Voting is not enough; people need to be constantly aware and updated about what actions are being taken and provide their inputs. Basically, the more the people are involved, the probability of their solutions being acknowledged and solved is higher. 

This gap gives rise to a billion-dollar idea that not only fills your bank account but also helps you play a role in making the entire country more efficient and responsible. 

The Opportunity 

We live in a digital era, where more than 330 million Indians own a smartphone. Especially in urban areas, people spend the majority of their time online. During this time, they interact with people socially, look for jobs and even read the news! So, there’s no argument that the best way to get people to participate in something actively is by putting it online. 

Hence, the best way to get people interested and active in governance is by creating an engaging platform that connects the two online. This platform can invite a set of people who have expertise in governance, who can explain concepts and guide people to provide their inputs and present these inputs to the municipality, state or central government. 

Backed with the inputs of real-life experience and real people, this set of people can help create a better and more progressive nation. Once this platform has gained sufficient traction, you can run relevant ads from renowned brands and reap the profit of your efforts. Hence, this product will not only be a secure and profitable business but will also help people across the country by giving them a chance to get their voices heard! 

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