The Role of Google Maps In Growth of Multiple Businesses
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The Role of Google Maps In Growth of Multiple Businesses

We live in the age of smartphones. And, in this era, it’s almost impossible to get lost, thanks to various navigation apps that can help you reach your destination no matter where you are. Google Maps, the best and most used navigation app, is undoubtedly the first preference when most people want to use technology to get from point A to point B.

There’s no doubt that Google Maps has changed the way we live. Take a wrong turn? All you need to do is pull out your phone and feed in your destination, and the navigation app will guide you to the correct path to your destination.

Google Map Business| The Money Gig

The most surprising thing is that this is true not just for humans, but businesses too. Google Maps has played a key role in the stories of many businesses by showing the correct path to success.

15 years ago, Google set out to map the world with their advanced technology. Today, with over 1 billion users using Google Maps to see and explore the world, this app has become a great asset for multiple companies. In this article, we will understand how business and most Unicorn tech businesses use Google Maps to advance their business.

Google Maps API Introduced A New Category of Business

Don’t we all love it when hot food is delivered to our doorstep on a rainy day? Or when the car runs out of fuel, we can book a luxurious cab to take us to our destination? Well, the Google Maps API has played a huge role in making all of this possible. In June 2005, after the resounding success of and, Google launched Google Maps API. This service allowed developers to integrate Google Maps into their website at no cost. However, in 2018, Google announced that they would be providing an API key with billing to access its API, but businesses didn’t mind the cost due to revenue they were able to pull with the help of Google Maps.

Basically, Google Maps API allows a business to embed the technology into their website or application, wherein data based on their requirements can be fetched. Initially, there were quite a few restrictions. However, it was soon expanded to include an API for Adobe Flash applications, which was used for retrieving static map images, geocoding, creating driving directions, and generating elevation profiles.

Currently, more than 1,000,000 websites use the Google Maps API, which makes this technology the most heavily used web application development API. Besides enhancing the services of certain websites, the Google Maps API has facilitated the creation of certain Unicorn startups like Uber and Ola.

Moreover, one unicorn startup that credits its success heavily to Google Maps is Swiggy. A local food delivery app based in India, Swiggy is extremely popular for its prompt delivery within 40 minutes, which is highly in demand, especially in Mumbai and Bengaluru. To accomplish this, Swiggy works with Google’s partner Media Agility, which enables them to integrate Google Maps API into their application. With the help of the Google Maps Distance Matrix API and the Google Maps Places API, customers are shown only those restaurants that are within the 4-5 kilometers radius. After the customer places the order, Google Maps also helps the drivers locate the restaurant and then the customer’s destination, with the fastest route. These factors have quickly made Swiggy a crowd favorite, ensuring it gives a tough competition to giants like Zomato.

Other Businesses That Benefit From Google Maps Marketing

With a plethora of competition, the cost of online marketing has become extremely high, hence, businesses are highly focused on ensuring they are targeting the right audiences. In such a situation, Google Maps has introduced a new form of marketing known as local SEO. Essentially, when a customer conducts a location-based search, Google Maps displays the top business that matches the query. For example, if a user searches for ‘best Chinese restaurants near me,’ all the restaurants that have listed with Google and are near the customer will be displayed, with the best-optimized company ranking on the top. Hence, businesses optimize their website and list themselves on Google to ensure their business is displayed at the highest position. After all, 67% of people rely on these Google Map recommendations, which means millions of users use this technology to search for directions to local businesses, attractions, and personal addresses.

Hence, if a company uses this tool optimally, it can become one of the fastest ways for the company to multiply its presence in local search results. Additionally, that company will be perceived as an industry leader in that locality and will become a go-to location for local customers who want a specific product or service.

To further emphasize, mentioned below are a couple of benefits you will get by optimizing your company for Google Maps:

Earn The Trust Of Customers

Modern customers face a unique dilemma, as while they are spoiled for choice, they have also experienced or heard about incidents related to spams or fake companies. Hence, they are extra cautious while making a purchase or visiting a store. By listing your company on Google Maps,

you can ensure that you have a proper location for your business. Moreover, by listing your business of Google Maps, you become a part of this global giant and the trust that users have on Google is applicable for your company too.

Star Ratings Can Build A Good Reputation

Google Map Rating | The Money Gig

Another factor that impacts customers’ purchasing decisions is online reviews. With Google My Business Listings, customers can provide a review of your business and publish it online for other people to see. Hence, a potential customer gets an honest evaluation of your business and what you’re good at. Additionally, based on the reviews, you’ll also get the famous star rating, which will be displayed next to your business name on Google. However, you need to ensure that you’re providing great service to your customers, and in case there are any negative comments, ensure you respond to them and try to solve the situation.

Learn More About Your Business

Yes, while Google Maps provides extensive information about your business which customers can use, it also provides you with a host of information about your customers. Regardless of the type of product or service you provide, Google My Business page has a section called ‘Insights’ that gives you valuable analytics regarding how visible your brand is, who your potential customers are, and how they are engaging with your business.

Based on this information, you can gauge which strategies are working in your favor, and identify room for improvements.

Hence, regardless if it’s the creation of a service for a unicorn tech startup or the advancement of a local coffee shop, Google Maps plays a key role in the success of every business.

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