Club House Management: The Next Phase In The Apartment Lifestyle 
Club House And Residential Society Management

Club House Management: The Next Phase In The Apartment Lifestyle 

Startup Business Idea #13  Club House Management: The Next Phase In The Apartment Lifestyle 

When you think of an apartment complex in an urban area, you think of tall buildings, green gardens, swimming pools, and maybe even a gym! In today’s day and age, urban consumers are looking for just one thing; comfort. They are willing to pay any price as long as they get the comfort they desire. Hence, with an aim to attract affluent consumers, societies often integrate these facilities in their societies, which the management of the society looks after. 

Club House And Residential Society Management

However, it is often noticed that while an apartment complex has space for a swimming pool, it isn’t functioning due to water constraints. Or, the lush green gardens have overgrown and are unkempt as there are no gardeners to take care of the plants. Due to this, not only do new consumers purchase flats, current residents leave too. 

In this article, we are back with a great business idea that revolved around the importance of facility or clubhouse management for societies. 

The Market Potential 

With rising stress levels due to professional competition, along with the inconvenience of travelling amidst heavy traffic, has led to consumers wanting more from their homes. They want homes to be more than just a place to arrive after work, rather they are looking for a personal haven where they can do what they want to enjoy and relax in the best possible way. 

According to an article published in the Economic Times, amenities play a major role while consumers choose a property in today’s day and age. Along with considering factors like location, access to hubs, and the view, people are also considering the facilities available. Hence, simply creating good and sturdy buildings isn’t enough. So, almost every new real estate project accommodates the inclusion of various facilities. 

The Gap

While builders design and build various amenities, managing and maintaining those facilities can be extremely demanding. Along with managing the legalities and ensuring every flat owner gets the essentials like water, electricity, etc.. the society management also needs to ensure that the parks are well-maintained, the swimming pool is cleaned, and the yoga studio has all the tools like mats, music system, and others. 

Not only this, but the management of the society also needs to set rules for people who are not members of the society and prevent strangers from availing the facilities. 

All of this often leads to extreme confusion, which ultimately forced the management of the society to shut certain facilities down. 

Hence, societies are desperate for a one-stop-shop organization that can help them maintain the facilities and amenities in the society. Due to the sheer number of apartment complexes, this is definitely a billion-dollar idea. 

The Opportunity 

Imagine a company that provides complete facility management for apartment complexes, including arranging, maintaining, and managing all the equipment and structures, providing human resources for ensuring proper cleaning is carried out, as well as software to track who is using the facilities and if they have adequate access to do so. Known as clubhouse management, this company will take care of all the society needs when it comes to the facilities they provide to residents. 

Additionally, this company could also offer monthly classes like yoga sessions, dance or aerobics sessions, meditation sessions. This will act as an added value for consumers as it’s a unique service that not many societies are offering as of now. 

There are multiple societies around India and even the globe and there is a huge demand for management of their facilities. Hence, by using the clubhouse management concept, any business is bound to achieve great heights of success! 

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