4 Things To Adapt During Coronavirus Lockdown
Coronavirus |The money gig

4 Things To Adapt During Coronavirus Lockdown

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is spreading rapidly across the globe and throughout the nation, until now there this no cure for coronavirus (Covid-19).

Coronavirus |The money gig

Due to the rise in the number of people affected by the virus, multiple countries are in complete lockdown, including some cities in India. Due to this, the economy across the world is entirely stunted, and most businesses, especially small and mid-sized industries, have taken a huge hit. Luckily, sectors that can accommodate work from home options for their employees are still managing to survive the Coronavirus storm. However, factories, real-estate, and tourism have lost all business and are looking towards the Government for some help. 

With a crumbling economy and a restricted lifestyle, we need to work together as a community and adopt certain precautionary measures that can help us combat this deadly virus. In this article, we have listed six such measures that every responsible citizen of the country must follow. 

1. Social Distancing: A Necessary Bane

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Social distancing is a term used when people maintain distance from each other and practice self-quarantine in their houses. Many experts and government officials have urged citizens to follow social distancing to stop the spread of Coronavirus. While we understand that humans are known as social beings and being ‘locked-up’ in a sense can be dampening, it is the need of the hour. If a person comes into close contact with another person who has been infected by the virus, they are most likely to be affected as well. Moreover, the majority of the times the symptoms of the virus are detected too late, making it very difficult to identify who is a carrier and who is not. 

Hence, in such cases, maintaining social distancing is the only way out. While physical meetings need to be prevented, you can still interact with your friends and family through social media platforms.  

2. Lead A Healthy Lifestyle To Combat The Virus 

The need for leading a healthy lifestyle is important now more than ever. The virus attacks our lungs and having a robust immune system is extremely crucial. Here are some things you can follow to ensure your body is ready to battle the virus:

A) Meditate & Exercise –  Meditating and exercise have been practiced for a long time, and its health benefits have been proven in multiple studies. Considering the virus attacks the lungs, this is the best time to improve your stamina and breathing cycle through yoga. And, exercising will help strengthen your core. Moreover, these activities will also help you channel your fear and panic in the right direction, enabling you to maintain a peaceful and calm mindset. 

B) Maintain HygieneWith a deadly virus around the air, you need to ensure you keep your body and the environment around you hygienic and clean. Wash your hands as frequently as possible and use floor cleaners that have strong disinfectants. 

C) Consume A Nutritional & Healthy Diet  – In line with strengthening your immune system, another tactic you can adopt is consuming healthy food. Don’t consume junk and extremely oily food, instead eat vegetables and fruits, which will help give you the necessary vitamins and proteins you need to fight off this virus. 

3. Follow & Encourage Work From Home 

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To obtain social distancing, it’s vital that companies allow their employees to work from home. If you’re a company owner, we urge you to understand the importance of preventing the spread of the virus and encourage you to do your role in combating the virus by shutting down your office and proving work from home options. If you’re an employee and your organization has not shut down the office yet, we would recommend having a conversation with the higher management or human resources department to understand your company’s stand about this whole situation. 

4. Spread The Real, Stop The Fake 

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In the wake of the digital era, many people are sharing a lot of news and the latest updates regarding the virus, including how many people are infected, what measures the Government is taking, etc. While spreading this knowledge is great and highly encouraged, we strongly discourage the spread of fake news and false rumors. Currently, the world is in more chaos simply because of the fake news that is being spread on messenger apps like Whatsapp. 

In such cases, we as citizens of the country need to do our best to not only stop the virus from spreading but also to reduce unnecessary chaos. For example, the poultry market that has got nothing to do with the Coronavirus is in major crisis as people assume that the virus spread from poultry animals. 

To stop the spread of fake news, Whatsapp owner Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature that is currently in beta testing mode, which will give people the option to search the web regarding the credibility of any message or forward they received. Until this feature is launched, we urge you always to vet the news you receive before forwarding it to your friend and family. There is already a lot of chaos; let’s not spread more than necessary. 

In conclusion, while it is true that there is no vaccine for this virus yet, the mortality rate is less than 3% and primarily has lasting effects on the elderly. By adopting a few measures, we can successfully beat this virus and emerge victorious together as one community. 

 Below are the top three authenticated sources of information channels.
1) World Health Organisation
2) Indian Health Ministry
3) MyGov

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