3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Maintain To Advance To The Next Level

3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Maintain To Advance To The Next Level

It’s the age of the Millenials, and 9-6 job just won’t cut it. These young, dynamic and talented individuals want to make a name for themselves and aren’t satisfied by hiding behind a computer in a cubicle. That being said, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Yes, if done correctly, it can surely give a lot of benefits.


However, the journey from inception to success if a long one. Often people read success stories and believe they happen ‘overnight.’ In reality, that is far from the truth. John Hanke, the founder of the world-famous game Pokémon Go, is known to have achieved ‘overall success’ after his game launched. Currently, the app has broken multiple records with 10 million+ downloads in the first week, and has a higher average user time thank Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Sure, for most people, this may look like an overnight success. But for Hanke, achieving this success was a long journey of hard work, passion, and relentless efforts that lasted for over 20 years.

You can ask any entrepreneur who has achieved ‘overnight success,’ and you will always get the same answer. No matter which industry you are in, how much investment you have, or how unique your product is, You will have the endure the same hardships every entrepreneur faces. You can consider this a test of sorts because only those who can overcome these challenges can build a business empire.

Everyone knows about the external challenges that entrepreneurs need to endure, like taking on a lot of responsibility, ensuring people know about the new brand, etc. However, there are a few internal hardships as well. In this article, we will first go through what are these internal hardships, followed by how you can overcome them by just maintaining three simple things. 

Personal Challenges Most Entrepreneurs Face

Entrepreneurship is not a job; it’s a lifestyle. An entrepreneur needs to always be on their toes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Moreover, after putting in all this hard work, there is no guarantee that the company will be a success. Due to this, there are a lot of personal challenges that entrepreneurs face, some of which are given below.

Stress – One of the most common challenges, stress is inevitable if you decide to become an entrepreneur. And, business or job, the side-effects of stress have been highlighted multiple times. Not only does it cause you to lose focus from the task at hand, but it can also make you feel sick, which will deem you incapable of working altogether. Arguably, stress is the leading cause of a breakdown in entrepreneurs.

Loneliness – When you start your own business, at least in the initial stages, you’re the sole showrunner. Everything depends on you and most of the time you need to work alone to grow your business. This often leads to a certain amount of loneliness. Most entrepreneurs start their business after gaining experience in a job or after completing their education. In both scenarios, they are accustomed to working with and around people. If they ever have a doubt, they can ask someone for help. When you start your own business, ideally, you don’t have this comfort. You need to figure out your problems, and you need to grow your business.

Fear – When you mix stress and loneliness, it often results in fear. The fear of failure, the fear of where the next investment will come from, the fear of attending the first client meeting, the fear of something going wrong; entrepreneurs are constantly surrounded by fear. Fear cripples a person’s decision-making power and results in them either over-thinking simple things or making the wrong choices. Both scenarios aren’t good for a growing business.

The Three Most Vital Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Maintain


While every entrepreneur faces these issues, certain aspects can help them face these challenges. There is no doubt that by maintaining your well-being, you will have the brave through great storms. However, which aspects are most crucial for an entrepreneur?

Due to the dynamic work, we have identified three aspects that every entrepreneur should maintain to successfully eradicate personal problems and focus their efforts on solving external issues.

Mental – Yes, the work as an entrepreneur never gets done. There’s always a new challenge or a new problem to solve. However, you have to find some time to unwind. If you are always focused on your business, you will never be able to relax your mind and find mental peace. Moreover, you won’t be able to remove time for the other things that matter in life as well. For example, spending time with your family or catching up with friends. Steve Jobs, one of the best and most notable businessmen to ever exist, once said, “treasure love for your family, love your spouse, love your friends, treat yourself well. Cherish others.” Imagine, one of the busiest men too stressed upon the importance of loving and spending time with your love ones. Moreover, taking a break and giving your mind some time to recoup, you will be able to get back to work with a fresh start and will be able to focus better! It’s a win-win situation.

Physical – We’ve mentioned before that as an entrepreneur; you are the sole showrunner of your business. Hence, you can’t afford to be sick for a prolonged period. Without your presence, the business will tank. Therefore, you must maintain your physical health. This will help you stay fit, sharp, and focused.

Moreover, you might have to travel around the town or even outside for client meetings. To keep up with all this activity, you need to be fit. Considering most of your time is spent behind the laptop, it’s easy to forget about physical fitness. But, take a break every 40 minutes and move around. Ditch the lift and climb the stairs whenever possible. Watch what you eat, as salads and healthy food should be part of every meal.

Spiritual – Have you ever heard of a successful leader who is unhappy? Would you want to follow a leader who is always angry? If your answer is no for both, you know why maintaining your spiritual well-being is so essential. If you want to successful, you need to stay positive and calm. You are going to endure many challenges. Your employees and investors are going to judge your capabilities during this time. If you lose your cool and breakdown, they will not be willing to follow or invest in you. Hence, you need to maintain your spiritual well-being. Wake up a few minutes earlier in the morning and do some yoga. Listen to soothing music whenever you can—all of this helps to calm your mind and get your ready for your next fight.

Dealing with external problems are inevitable. However, maintain your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, and you will be able to face every challenge that is thrown your way!

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