10 Business Ideas With High Potential During Coronavirus in India
10 Business ideas during coronavirus

10 Business Ideas With High Potential During Coronavirus in India

Almost nobody expected 2020 to be what it is now today. Coronavirus has made the world flip upside down and destroyed the lives of so many people, who are now finding themselves in nowhere. As everything in the world goes swallowed by their terrible disease. Again nobody has ever expected that something will like this will ever take place in their lifetime, let alone in the year 2020.

Why start now?

There are plenty of items that are now considered essential to so many people, things such as masks and hand sanitizers were considered as side hygienic products. But now they are as important as ever to the world. Maintaining proper hygiene is no longer to make yourself feel good about yourself, it has now turned into the best way to protect yourself from the damage from COVID 19. What seems trivial back then, are now considered as essential. As people spend more time in the confinement of their own house than playing outside.

10 Business ideas during coronavirus

You can start your business by tracking down all the things that are now considered essential and narrowing it down to the people who do have it or don’t have enough to support the family. In this article, you are going to find 10 business ideas which will be crucial as the world is now dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic.

10 Business Ideas with high potential in coronavirus times

1) Organic food product

Organic food is considered safer compared to other varieties of foods available in the market. They are far more nutritious and they have the tendency to last longer than non-organic food. Because the creation aspect of organic food tends to have plenty of methods and practices that ensure the quality of the products stays the same. It all depends upon the farming practices and the steps for food productions. So what do these methods actually do?

They monitor the contamination of the food and improve upon the quality. An organically grown food tends to last longer and all the ingredients in the food have been farmed while maintaining the proper procedure. That is why the food that has the title ‘Organic’ costs more than your average food. Now would be the perfect time to start an organic business, as the world is now moving to healthier items that the fast-food variants. Which used to take a huge chunk of people’s diet. Now the rise of COVID 19 has made people pick a much healthier option to fast food. There is nothing better than starting with organic food.

Organic food includes Fruits and Vegetables, including Mushrooms, Dairy Products and Eggs, Livestock Feed, Meats and Poultry, Grains, Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds. These are the foods considered organic in the market. Organic food would have a bunch of labels written on the bottle, such as ‘100% Organic Vegetable Tomato Soup’, as opposed to ‘Tomato Soup’ on the label. This welts the people to know they are taking something that is considered as healthy than the food with containment.

2) Fitness and diet consultant

Now more than ever a lot of people find themselves locked inside of their house. As working from home jobs have taken in popularity amongst both young and old people. Having a remote job that you can do from your home is great. But there are a lot of issues that will come with this solution. As people would be less likely to move around, as most of the work can be done by sitting on the couch. That is why consultancy for fitness and diet would be the best way to start your business. As more people are looking towards how to keep themselves in shape while being in the confinement of their own room.

To become a diet specialist, you will need to have few things in your backpack besides a yoga mat. You will need to have a bachelor;’s degree in dietetics or anything related to that field, and certification to allow you to practice the consultancy on diet. Now it is the perfect opportunity to become a diet or fitness consultant. More people are now in poor health, as they are working from home without taking any sort of precaution to keep their body and mental health in shape. Working from home saves a lot of money for the employee but staying at the same place, and having access to all the food that is in the fridge would wear down the immunity system over time.

Food consultants generally have a greater idea of the lifestyle people ought to live than the current situation. They have experienced an eye on the aspect of people’s lifestyles, that they should focus on. So that aspect will lead to bigger changes in a person’s life. As they will create a much healthier nutrition plan for the individual, if maintained properly, people will get to experience the biggest changes in their life by just sacrificing some of their time. To make drastic changes, they often will suggest taking supplements and the guidance to keep the clients motivated in their journey. As there will be a lot of breakpoints that the client will come across, a strong motivating language will ease the journey for the client.

3) Fixed subscription box

The subscription box is one of the toughest businesses to crack in the world. As there are a lot of techniques that need to be executed at the right for the business to run without any hiccups. Waste of food will happen no matter how many steps have taken to prevent it, these are unavoidable. After the food is packed, then comes the section for delivery, which will need the goods to be in the right conditions at the right temperature. The goods have to be delivered in time, or the competition will soon take over the current market. Now more than ever, a lot of companies are running subscription box models to a lot of people. Coronavirus has made a lot of people buy groceries online rather than going out to the local market. Delivering groceries to the people’s doorstep will be the only way people would get their groceries in the future.

Any sign of slowdown will affect the entire production of the company to slow down the rate of customers. Which will happen if the product doesn’t meet the standards that have been set by the company or from the other organization that is in the same business model? Many subscription-based companies take on the user feedback, data to create a more unique flow in the system. The data-driven companies tend to do better in the market, as they will be able to predict the losses and the changes that need to happen in the industry over time.

4) Protection products

There are plenty of ways to prevent coronavirus and other transmittable diseases when you are out in a public place. Which can be done by wearing masks and gloves. So you would be less likely to come in contact with the disease, even if you use the public transport to touch the various objects when you are walking down the road. That is why making masks and gloves, especially now, is becoming a hotter topic. More companies saw a surge in the demand for masks and gloves by billions of people.  People are now looking for a proper mask and gloves to wear when they go out. Thinking about starting a business, protecting products is one of the best ways to start our journey.

5) Insurance consultant

It is the job of an insurance consultant to let people know about various insurance plan options that are available in the market. They have to let the client know all the important bits and pieces about the plan, explain them thoroughly. They normally work on behalf of the insurance company. The job requires the consultant to have a license to practice in the field. Once the license is obtained, you can start your journey in the world of insurance consultants. Every industry consultant has more than one company behind them. an insurance consultant offers proper advice and contracts negotiation for a fee.

6) Board games supplies

As more people are locked inside of their own house. They will need something to take their mind off the pandemic that the world is going through, to something to relax their brain. The best way to do that is by playing board games. While it may seem like it is a dying industry, there is nothing more family-friendly than opening a board game and then playing with the family. If the game is good then people would always find a way to buy it. There are a lot of people still playing board games with their family. You will find plenty of steps online to let you know about all the key details about the game.

7) Gaming app

Creating a gaming app, and marketing it would generate a lot of money. Do you need to have a proper idea of what to work on? This requires a deep collection of facts and figures to understand how the gaming world works. Only then you will have the right type of game to target a specific demographic of gamers. Because if you look at the gaming market, there are billions of people playing games on the internet through apps on their phones and from their consoles, and personal computers. A solid idea would always lead up to a great game in the future.

8) Quiz and Hacks blogger

People are always much more interested in the hacks and quizzes they take when they are surfing online. Various life hacks always ease people’s lives for the better. If you know some hacks, then you always start a blog or make a YouTube channel to let people know about the hacks. Now people spend more time on the internet because of the COVID 19 lockdown that is taking place everywhere in the world. Now it’s the best time to start your journey on the internet as a quiz and hacks blogger.

9) Online yoga teaching

Staying healthy has always been a concern for a lot of people. Now that coronavirus is at our doorstep, more people are paying attention to the healthier lifestyle, and the perk that it offers to the people. Starting Yoga classes online would be a great way to move forward. More people are watching Youtube videos and reading blogs about how to stay healthy in these hard times, Not having access to the gym or any sort of public place made people find new ways to get their body shape back. Yoga has always been a crucial element in helping people obtain that in their life.

10) Digital presence consultant

Now more businesses are looking for new clients online to boost the productivity of the company. A digital consultant would help the business to find the employee that they need to meet the standard of work. So what makes the Digital Presence consultant so important? It is their experience working with social media, Search Engine Optimization and Advertising are seeing higher numbers online than they ever before. only a professional will know how to use these systems to help the companies to find what they are looking for. As they are highly capable to find a proper bridge that connects the companies to the world of the internet.

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The coronavirus has been showing no sign of stoppage. More people are starting to show changes in their lifestyles to fit more closely into the future. This requires adaptation to the present. The business has always followed this route, adapting to the present to secure the future. The jobs mentioned in the list have the potential to become big in the future. If you are planning to start a business, especially in the current time.  You need to focus on the demand of the consumer rather than something out of the blue. When you feed the people what they want, that is the only way you will see your business succeed in the world.

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